Vitalik Buterin’s recorded talks (video and audio)


In response to Vitalik’s take on TCRs:

A curated list of all of Vitalik’s recorded talks would be a useful resource for people looking to track the history and development of Ethereum and rather objective.

  • Is it a video or audio where Vitalik was one of the main speakers?
  • Is it the highest quality version of that video or audio available to the public?


Variation on this list could be conferences that Vitalik or other crypto-famous people are speaking at. I sometimes see Vitalik listed as a speaker or Ethereum as a sponsor even when they are not involved.


“At this point, if I knew that there was a definitive proof that Proof of Stake could never possibly be made to work, I would have to seriously think if I wanted to go back to Proof of Work or just quit the blockchain space altogether.” -Vitalik Buterin


A registry like this one probably doesn’t need any more specific guidelines. I think everyone can agree that it’s pretty straightforward. Am I right?